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07 Apr 2016
Worthy to Receive

Lately, I've re-discovered my enthrallment with all the 2-part, dualistic relationship of Giving & Receiving. It appears so simple...

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But may, once i find myself with a desire, on either end of the spectrum -- looking to give something, or longing to obtain something -- it can be easy to forget what these items actually mean.

You are able to probably relate to the expertise of using a want to RECEIVE & ending up put in the ideal circumstances with others that are planning to GIVE. Likewise, you may likewise have yearned to get and services information to other people & in some way, you happen to be then faced with the chance to give.

Sometimes these moments think that grace, destiny, PERFECTION, serendipitous, or perhaps "meant to get."

Sometimes, (and I know I'm not really alone with this!) I am facing these "perfect circumstances" and... I suppress. I hesitate. I shop around in confusion or I doubt myself. I make excuses why it is not perfect or it isn't right.

I question whether or otherwise I've enough to give.

I question whether or not I need to receive.


Do you think you're here before?

It's just not a great spot to be. And yes it only HOLDS US Away from living & to be the person we wish to be!

GIVING... does not necessarily mean only giving what's perfect. There is no one judging your gift, no one to appease with your service.

Giving means that you're opening your heart & your hands for that benefit of others. Knowning that act alone is perfect.

RECEIVING... does not always mean you have to do something to earn a great gift. There is absolutely no one who can tell that you are unworthy, nobody who can measure your value.

Receiving signifies that you happen to be given to witness the gifts of others - to draw in them in, and also to get them to also a a part of you. Understanding that ability, is why you worthy.

After i use a need to give or to receive, when I forget what these actions actually mean... I ask myself these questions:

- Exactly what does it seem like to receive? What does it feel like to present?

- What does it look like for? Simply what does it look like to present?

- What's happening around my body & outside myself?

- Precisely what is happening inside the space of my head?

These questions aren't an easy task to ask. And sometimes, I do not even wish to hear a better solution.

But Embodied Living isn't about only feeling the great things. And yes it is not just about understanding how to cope with the bad things. While we are EMBODIED, we're embracing all this. We're linked to the purest essence of the it means to be alive.

And THAT is something I truly desire. I'd rather not miss the opportunity Any section of life, any possibility to give or to receive, any possiblity to Talk with people & create more love on the planet, as a result of feelings of unworthiness or since i feel I haven't got "enough."

I need to CHOOSE to feel that I will be worthy. I am beautiful. We are enough.

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